Where to Begin

You want to start your own online business but have no Idea how?

That was my exact question I discovered Wealthy Affiliate!

laptop-mobileGetting started with an online business with no Education or experience is nearly impossible. And that’s why most people are hesitant to start an online business or fail when trying.

No matter what direction you want to pursue making money online, be it Internet Marketing, Affiliate marketing, drop shipping, whatever, I truly believe Wealthy Affiliate is the starting point of your journey.Wealthy Affiliate is not only a product which provides an online university to acquire knowledge to start a business online, but it is a community with thousands of people willing to help with any questions you might have. This is the only platform of its kind in the world and the two owners are also active members and reachable for any questions. Think of it as Facebook only for likeminded people that generate an income online, with a bucket load of training as well as additional training contributed by veteran members on specific subjects. More on that in my Wealthy Affiliate review.

With the right commitment, tools, education and community to support you, there is no reason you cannot start your own online business.

I have been looking at generating a secondary income for over three years now and believe having an online business is the best route to take. Everything can be automated within your website and you can reply to questions and comments in your own time. Remember for me this is something on the side, so I can manage my time early in the morning or in the evenings, not impacting my day job.

The ultimate goal is to only generate income online and be financially free, but remember this is not a get rich quick scheme, rather a journey requiring maximum effort. It is important to set goals for yourself, small stepping stones, which is tangible and measurable.

If you are determined and committed enough… you WILL create financial freedom!


There are many directions you can pursue making money online, but as a good starting point affiliate marketing is the best way to start generation income. In a nutshell what it entails is pick a niche, build a website around this niche, and deliver informative information/reviews on products in this niche. Then you provide affiliate links to these products where the customers can buy, and if they do you receive a commission on the purchase. From here you can progress into creating and selling your own products based on the same niche. Picking a niche, building a website and how to provide good content is the important part, which is all covered in the Wealthy Affiliate University.


  • Start as secondary income. You don’t have to quit your day job to start your own online business. You only need one or two hours a day to learn, manage and grow your own online business. I do recommend in the beginning to put as much time in to get the education.
  • It’s Inexpensive to start. As a foundation you need internet access and a computer, which if you are reading this you probably have. There after need a domain, a niche and build a website, this is free when starting with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Motivation comes naturally. Having an online business on a niche you are interested will capture your interest and motivate you to learn more in order to share the knowledge with your customers via your website. The more informed the customer is the more likely they will purchase the product.
  • More family time. Initially the hard work and hours needs to be invested, but once your business is automated and running smoothly you will have more time to spend with your loved ones. You can literally work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection.
  • No skill required. Even if you are a complete novice and have the capacity to learn, you can create online success. All the skills you require you will learn through different programs with WA as a starting point. Best part is this new information is exciting and fun to apply the knowledge you acquired.


  • Overwhelmed with Information. It is easy to get distracted with different programs, which leads to you jumping around and confusing yourself with the information vastness. As a beginner start with a program, complete the training and then move on from there.
    How do you eat an elephant?… one byte at a time!
  • Not for everyone. It takes commitment and dedication to be successful with anything in life. In all honesty, someone without these qualities will fail at this. If anybody could do this, then everybody would be starting an online business and kill the market.


If you are a dedicated individual and want to pursue this dream, I’ll help you take action and get started on this journey.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best starting point out there, where you will learn all the skills required creating an online business and it is absolutely FREE to join with no credit card details required. Be sure you are committed to this before you join, because the first seven days from joining you need to get the absolute most out Wealth Affiliate in order to make an informed decision if this is the right path for you.

Check it out for free, you have nothing to lose! This certainly changed my life.


Want to learn more about WA please see my review

Please feel free to leave any comments or ask questions below, I’ll be happy to help!

Every accomplishment… Starts with the decision… To TRY!

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4 thoughts on “Where to Begin

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    Awesome review on Wealthy Affiliate. I’m personally a member of Wealthy Affiliate and i can tell you the amount of information you will receive might overwhelm you but once you start it becomes a lot clearer.

    I really liked how you listed the pro’s and con’s in your article as to see it through different perspectives.

    Great job on your review 🙂

    1. 0

      Thanks Vinnie. Yes WA is a great Platform as you know. I am however still going to do a full review with more details on WA and also other programs. Be sure to check them out 🙂

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    I love that building a blog can be done on your own time. As a secondary income while you build up enough money to walk away from the day job. With 3 kids I do all of my work at night after all my other responsibilities are done and I can focus on something for me. WA makes it easy to push a button and get a site up and running and they teach you what to do step by step.

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