Week 5 – First Hurdle Done

fist hurdle
12 Aug

“You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals”
― Booker T. Washington

Thoughts of the week

Wow… it has White_donkey_overload_1380059_nevitbeen a tough one and it felt like the world was on my shoulders. I had so much to cover within the WA platform training and there were local public holidays as well, which meant I went away for a long weekend to relax a bit. It is sometimes important to just breathe and let it go to recharge your mental state. But at the end of the day I am still on track and learned a helluva lot. Funny enough I finished the 1st bootcamp course and you actually are forced to take a ten day break from the training. This does not mean do nothing, but to apply what you have learned to your online business and keep bettering your website and content ideas. In essence I feel like i have crossed the 1st hurdle and ready to take on the second, which fits nicely with the olympic games currently on the way. I have also been side tracked yet again… I’m sure you will experience the same thing, but I have learned a thing or two because of this which I will cover in this post.

Lessons Learned in the last week

  • Take some time off and let it sink in. It is important to give your brain a rest every once in a while. With all this new information you will feel overwhelmed and eventually irritated… close to tilting point. You cannot spend every waking hour on this new journey and need to take intermittent breaks. Like any other person taking leave from his day job, so don’t feel guilty. 🙂
  • Make your online business your hobby. Naturally you have hopefully decided  to base your online business on the niche that interests you or a niche that forms part of your hobby. What I mean with this is, while taking some time off the internet marketing training, spend the time researching your niche and look at other websites, videos, reviews etc. You will find this a welcome distraction from all the training only if it is within your interest, otherwise it will feel like more work.
  • Every step forward is in the right direction. Remember that you are building you online business here and it will not happen in a few weeks. Good things takes time and you need to go through the ups and downs to obtain the experience in order to succeed. I have not heard of anyone that is successful today that have not failed miserably in the beginning.
    To my mind Internet Marketing is like a car with all the different parts including engine, gearbox, suspension and exhaust system. In order to be able to manufacture a car one needs to educate yourself on each component making notes along the way. Eventually when you master all the components it becomes second nature and then you can start tweaking and modifying the different components in order to get more performance out of the whole package.

Tips and Tricks I picked up this week

Tips1I have learned quite a bit this week, but I still need to get into the habit of making notes of what I have learned in order to accurately blog about it. While we are one the subject it is important to make notes of what your learn in InternetMarketing because there are so many components involved and I have learned a few tricks of the trade as well which just adds to all the components. On my to do list is to create a post of the different ways to make money online through internet marketing, but in short what I have investigated this week is:

  • Create a Website and drive traffic and sell products through affiliate links in order to receive commission
  • Create a video on youtube to review products and drive traffic to the sales page through your affiliate link.
  • Create and sell your own products through retailers (amazon) from your website.
  • Create once off services that can be consumed by customers.

Thats the four main one at the moment, but there are so much to learn on each one. Generating SEO traffic for a website and generating SEO traffic for a video is two separate very interesting methods. There is also the option to buy traffic, which is not always the best route to go depending on what your goal is. In terms of services people are offering services like content writing, video creation, video editing, SEO optimization and lost more, they then sell these services and make a good living. The natural progression is to eventually create your own product or services company, but to be honest if you have a great product/service today it would probably sell itself and you can learn Internet Marketing along the way.

educationFrom following the WA course material I have learned the following this week

  • Keep up to date with your niche and always be in the know
  • Find out what questions your audience are asking and write posts to answer them
  • Start paying attention to your website neatness and ease to read
  • Its important to take a break from learning and implementing what you have learned.

As always the details are all within the training so unfortunately I can’t repeat it on my free blog site, but hopefully you are a member by know and can access this treasured content.

Final thoughts…

To get back to the car analogy I have learned how the gearbox works and now I have to build the gearbox and master it. Once I am comfortable I can move on to learning about the engine and so forth. Very exiting times indeed !! 🙂
As a reminder – I’m still working on the format of these weekly blogs and hopefully by week 8 theses will be better structured and easier to follow. So please pop in again to see any additional articles.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment or question. I am happy to help and would love to make this Journey a very interactive one.

All the best of success for the week and be sure to check in next week…


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