Week 1 to 3 – HELP

27 Jul

“You don’t have to be good to start … you just have to start to be good!”
― Joe Sabah

Every journey needs to start somewhere and you need to actually do something/take action to begin your journey. I have started mine and must admit it is a slow one at the moment.

I started this website about 3 weeks ago, getting all the basic pages and content in place, but it feels like very slow progress to me. By using the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program I am on a very steep learning curve, with so much information and training materials to go through, it’s a bit overwhelming. Trouble is with all the info you tend to bounce from place to place and never really get stuck into it. There are some things I only understand now and want to share a few of them with you guys in order to hopefully have a better start than me.

Just remember even if the progress is slow, at least you are making progress.overwhelming-scale1

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with more information
    I am following the WA program, but if you are following any legitimate program the execution stays the same. Do not waste any time, get as much education as you possibly can and start building your online business. I am a premium subscriber at WA, but if I spend a week doing nothing, I’m wasting my own investment. The second most important thing is, do not get distracted by stupid stuff. My goal is to gain financial freedom through gaining knowledge of Internet Marketing, but as I do research to learn more I tend to spend hours watching other program videos, of which I do not have the time to learn at the moment, because I am already pushed for time on my current program. So rather focus on one program, get all the education you can get out of it and then start spreading your wings into specific areas where you want or need to learn more.
  • Change your schedule change your life
    Nobody said this was going to be easy, well at least I did not, and knew this will take a huge commitment. I set out to spend as much free time as possible outside of my daily job, but quickly learned that if I follow that goal I never actually get time to spend. You have to set up a schedule and stick to it in order to make time for yourself to learn about Internet Marketing and creating an online business. I have changed my routine to go to bed earlier but also wake up much earlier. The best Ideas and content is writing before noon, fact. I typically get up at 5am which gives me a few hours to spend before I start my “workday” from 8am till 5pm. In the evening I also spend 2 hours educating myself for this journey and at 10pm I hit the hey. Having a Monday to Friday job, over weekends I am able to spend additional time, but remember to completely neglect your family. 🙂  In the beginning you have to put in the hard time while avoiding distractions in order to create more family time for your loved ones in future.
  • Don’t spend days on writing Content.
    Writing content is critical part of Internet Marketing and providing good information on your Website, but it is also a skill you have to learn and can only over time.
    I’ve been spending way too much time to write content… three days on one page trying to make it perfect and professional. You just need to start writing and see it as a form of communicating your knowledge… as if you are talking to your buddy at breakfast about this cool stuff you learned. As I mentioned it is a skill to write good content, but the only way you will gain experience is to start writing. You will also be able to write up a complete content page or post much quicker as you learn the tips and tricks through actually doing it.  Feedback on you content pages are key, through which you learn what your audience wants to read about and by the 50th content page/post you will be an expert in providing good content to your specific market. (Make a tick box to 50)
  • Hang in there and get into the groove. 6480297645_f71f3bd4f5_b
    In the beginning it is hard to stay focused, not because it is unexciting to learn about Internet Marketing, but because you need to break your bad habits, watching 2-3 hours of Television per day, browsing Facebook or watching Youtube videos for hours what ever consumes your time in the day. You need to change your routine to commit to any program and fixate on the end goal. Internet Marketing is a journey, a way of life and not like a temporary phase… like a 60 day weight loss program and after 60 days you go back to your old bad habits. I state again, in the beginning it is hard to make these changes, but as you start getting use to the new routine and see what fruits your online business is baring, it becomes much easier.

So where am I in this journey of mine…

As mentioned I’m a bit disappointed in myself for being not where I want to be on the training materials, but I have sorted out the little things I was not told about (above) and know I am able to dedicate at least 3 hours per day on WA. Apart from the education I have also set smaller goals with an action date. For example: creating a complete review page on WA (coming soon) within the next 4 days, writing a weekly blog on my progress such as this one and creating 2 more pages with content within the next week. Ill keep you guys posted.

I’m still working on the format of these weekly blogs but the idea is to blog every week about my progress, lessons learned and what I’ve done.  This should form a roadmap of my journey to financial freedom that someone starting at any time, even one year from today, can follow and take value out of these for their journeys.

Please feel free to leave any comments or ask questions and I will be happy to help.

Have a good week

10 thoughts on “Week 1 to 3 – HELP

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    Thanks for the great post. I’m going through the same emotions and thanks for the tips. I does feel like I’m in a maze but will follow the advice on routine and focus and see how it goes!


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    Hi Peter,

    What a great post that really touches me. I have the same struggle when starting and i will fall into the same situation sometimes. This is a great reminder for all who want to achieve success. Thanks for the post and I will take note on the action and try our best to get rid of the bad habits. Wishing you a success journey!


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      Hi Darren
      Thanks for the excellent feedback, I’m humbled. Creating success online is not just following a program but also requires the right mindset or “mental tuffness”. I have a Page that I still need to fill with content on this subject very soon. I think the worse “bad habits” today is Pokemon Go 🙂
      Best of luck to you too and pop in whenever you like


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    Hi Peter. I feel the exact same way. I joined Wealthy Affiliate over a year ago. There is an abundance of training offered at Wealthy Affiliate. I have realized that it is important to be patient or else I will find myself more frustrated than I need to be. Learning can’t be rushed.

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    Can’t further agree to what you have said through this article. It’s a huge shift in order to run a business. Not like and average 9 to 5 job. Have to always stay on top of your sechdule and be very effective when it comes to time. I found this very diffcuilt as it was hard to manage time and get the most important things done first.

    3 hours per day on WA should be good amount of time to accomplish a lot of your goals. Keep the great work and think of the end result.

    All the best


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      Thanks for the comment Vinnie. Thats why I also say starting and online business or any business is not for everyone. You need to but in the time and effort, which will be hard. But when your business is thriving in a few years, then you can sit back and work a 5 hour day or even less.
      All the best to you too 🙂

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    I can relate to what you’re talking about. I started this journey with Wealthy Affiliate 6 months ago. The only difference is that I am retired so I can spend more time running the business.
    No I’m not saying this is easier because it’s not. I agree with you that you have to put a time limit on ever aspect of this internet business.
    Content is king as they say but you’re right. You have to write as if you’re talking to your buddy. The key is to stay on track with your goals and you will get there. That’s what I tell myself everyday since I started Wealthy Affiliate.
    What is your biggest goal with Wealthy Affiliate?
    Thanks for your info and good luck on your journey.

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