Week 4 – Little engine that could

03 Aug

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you dont’t stop!”
― Confucius

Thoughts of the week

Progress has been much smoother the last week and I am learconfidentning ample on a daily basis.. a bit of a turnaround from the first couple of weeks. Every now and then it is time to take a breather and look back at what you have accomplished over the last 4 weeks. Although progress still seems slow it is important to remember that you knew nothing about creating an online business and by now you should have a nice looking website and around 5 pages with content, like about me, one review, two blogs, and a landing/home page. Before you judge yourself you should take into consideration the time you were allowed to spend on this venture. Truthfully it has not been easy and you might have had the same emotions and concerns as me at this stage, but remember to put you head down and power on and power through. It is amazing how much I have done by simply just absorbing the education provide be Wealthy Affiliate and applying that knowledge in the real world. You should feel proud and pat yourself on the shoulder, because confidence goes a long way.

It is all about getting into the routine in order to stay on schedule as mentioned in Week 1 to 3. This is hard to do and I must admit I’m not 100% there yet, but 80% at this stage is good enough and hopefully I should grow to 100% within the next 4 weeks. Just keep at it and be headstrong and disciplined.

Lessons Learned in the last week


  • timeDo not spend too much time on perfecting content. I literally spend two days creating my first review page, which on the one hand is way too much time, but on the other hand part of the learning curve gaining experience on how to research, write and structure your review. By the time I do my 10th review, hopefully it would take only a few hours. No content will ever be perfect and I have not studied how to write well, but that will get better over time. The worth of the information provided to your audience is the key factor, even if it is not structured 100%.
  • Do not spend too much time on perfecting your website. At this stage of the race you should not spend too much time on the look and feel of your website. You might think it should look professional and inviting to readers, but at first you only have 1 or 2 post/pages witch will generate little to no traffic. I’m saying this because I have spent allot of time on my website, moving things around trying to have a flawless website, but by the 3rd post I realized the theme is not working for me and I had to change it. Hence try to keep you website simple at first, with only the basic theme customizations. When you content pages reaches around 15, then it is the right time to modify you website to appear tidy and professional adding bells and whistles… even getting into the code to change things to the way you want it.
  • successDon’t be afraid to ask. Number one rule of all…GOOGLE is your friend. Second rule is… Ask questions to mentors or to the Wealthy Affiliate community. Through real world experience I can assure they bend over backwards to help young online entrepreneurs. Don’t ever think someone is too important to try and contact, you will be pleasantly surprised. Thus far I had questions answered from Kyle which is one of the owners of WA and as a stab in the dark I contacted the creator of my theme which is not part of WA and he was eager to help me out. Just reach out.
  • Stay positive and focused. Never get discourage by someone telling you…. you’re waiting your rime…it will never work… it can’t be done. Keep on working hard and learning hard to reach your dream… spending the hours each day and building your successful online business, because only YOU can do it.

Now with the lessons learned and motivational speech out of the way, I can share what I have learned this week in terms of creating an online business.

Tips and Trick I picked up this week

I know I just said not to spend too much time on you website, but I have gone down that path and learned a few things. You might find value in these tools even if it is later in your journey. When you want to modify the look and feel of you website and these options is not within the normal theme customization, you need to dig into the code of the actual site to change it.

In short you website is made up of a bunch of files and code that specifies what displays where, the size, color, everything you see. To access these files you could use the

  1. From WordPress Dashboard Appearance -> Editor to modify the *.css files to modify elements or the *.php files which is not recommend, because you will break your site.
  2. You can access all your websites files by accessing them through FTP. There is a excellent module on FTP on WA here. Tools I learned to use are FileZilla to access the files through FTP and Stylizer to easily modify the *.css files.

Like I said this is not required, but if this tickles your interest it is quite fun to go in and see what you can change. Remember to hold shift (shift+F5) when you refresh a page after changes were made. This will force the page reload and won’t use the old cashed data which might be confusing.

educationFrom following the WA course material I have learned the following this week

  • How to structure and write reviews
  • How to use hyperlinks correctly to work best with SEO
  • How to write and structure content pages to keep it interesting
  • Leveraging content from WA within your own site
  • How to manage comments and engage with you readers
  • How to do research on a specific niche and keep up to date

The details are all within the training so unfortunately I can’t repeat it on my free blog site, but hopefully you are a member by know and can access this treasured content.

Final thoughts…

As a reminder – I’m still working on the format of these weekly blogs and hopefully by week 8 theses will be better structured and easier to follow. So please pop in again to see any additional articles.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment or question. I am happy to help and would love to make this Journey a very interactive one.

All the best of success for the week and be sure to check in next week…


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