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Hey guys, I am Pieter DuPreez and started with my journey to earn money online. I want to share my experience with anyone taking interest in the same road. Sharing through blogs and providing a reality view into my life on the internet.


We all strive for financial freedom in our lives, which does not necessarily mean being rich. In my opinion financial freedom is the freedom of having enough time in your life to enjoy with your loved ones… Thats what living is all about! My mission is to earn just enough to pay all the bills with a little extra to spoil my wife and kids each month. We only live once and we want to spend our time right on this earth. A big part is the mindset, how you apply yourself and how much effort you put into your dreams.

I ask that if I ever say anything that captures your interest, please get involved on this site. The focus is any advise around earning money online. The way I see this site progressing is initially I’ll provide information on getting started and getting the foundation as a starting point. Advising on ways to improve your mindset and knowledge around this subject. Eventually also providing reviews and expose scams on so many products out there on “How to get rich online”. Please feel free to share anything interesting or raise opinions on the content I create. I love feedback from the community. Also speak up if there is a topic you would like to discuss.

This is my mission, I will make it work!!!

I am currently 36 years old and married to a darling wife with 3 beautiful children and am blessed in every sense. I have a full time J.O.B and am looking for a way to make an extra income by spending an hour or 2 in the evenings online. I started investigating how to make money online about a year ago and now, instead of just browsing, I have started to take action an pursue this goal of mine. I already have enough experience after stepping into a few pitfalls to provide some good information and I’m sure there are more pitfalls in the road ahead.

In summary the number one reason I created this site is to share my experience on this online business road and as I progress provide tips, recommendations and avoid pitfalls.  I am here to show you guys interested in creating an online business what it takes to succeed.
If you ever need any feedback or support please leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly to view new posts as well as “interesting” ideas how to make money online. You are also free to connect with me through WealthyAffiliate.com (Link to my Profile)

I wish you the best in financial freedom and thanks for popping in! 🙂


Pieter DuPreez

Founder of Financial Freedom Road

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